Are you confusing cause with consequence?

 Have you found yourself stuck and saying this:

“I wanted to do blah blah…but my parents don’t support it.”

“I wanted to pursue blah blah…but it is not acceptable in my community”

“I wanted to try blah blah…but my spouse doesn’t agree.”

You get the pattern.

We see these as the causes for not being able to move ahead with our desires. 

“I cannot do/pursue/try…because my parents/community/spouse/culture etc etc etc does not support it”

We have a problem. We are stuck now. 

But actually we are not. 

These are not causes, but consequences. If you just rephrase them like this…

“My parents/community/spouse/culture etc etc etc does not support it. And I still want to do/pursue/try..”

Accepting the consequence makes it into a choice. A choice that was always present, but we could not see. 

When we blame others for our ‘stuckness’ what we actually mean is:

“I want to do/pursue/try…but only if my parents/community/spouse/culture supports it.”

That’s OK. It is your right to choose. But as long as you see it as your own choice – you are still free. 

Free to choose this way. Or any other way!

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