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Stop Lying Start Moving

Explains more than a dozen of common lies that we all tell ourselves. He provides self-awareness questions to detect them and ways to tackle the real issue and move forward

Public Speaking Bootcamp

You might not be the Obama of public speaking, and you don’t need to! This book is meant for the majority of us for whom public speaking is mostly about talking in a classroom or making a business presentation or trying to convince a small audience.

Free Ebook: When Indian Marriages have problems

The book is just 15 pages long and talks about what a happy marriage is, typical problems, typical solutions, when to seek help, what to do if you are too afraid of separation and other things to give you clarity on possibilities to create a happier marriage

Free Ebook: Values and Passions

Have you ever felt empty, lost in life? Chances are you have lost touch with your values or passions. Values are our inner compass. They dictate the choices we make in life. They decide how fulfilled we feel. Passions provide us joy.

This book will provide you with step-by-step exercises to identify your values and passions and get in touch with your inner clarity and energy course!

Free Ebook: How to find your passion

In my coaching practice and on Quora, I end up answering many questions on passion and career choices. So thought of curating a collection of answers, case studies that might help to take you from a phase of utter delusion to a fulfilling life and career.

TEDx talks

How you Surprisingly Lie and Sabotage your Dreams

Why Trying to build confidence never works & where it really comes from


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