Preparing for your goals Vs Pursuing your goals

 You might find yourself ‘working hard’ towards your goals or dreams – and still not moving ahead. 

On a closer look, it turns out we are not pursuing our goals, but preparing for them.

What is the difference?

Preparation involves hard work, but zero risk. The outcome is totally in your control. There is zero risk of failure. 

Examples are watching motivational videos, reading ‘How to’ books, attending courses, getting certifications. 

Pursuing involves making an attempt – with the chances of failure. 

For example, if your goal is to score high in GMAT – you can prepare forever. Pursuit would involve attempting the exam. 

If your goal is to run your own business, preparation would involve watching start-up videos, biographies of great entrepreneurs, talking to many people, reading success stories, subscribing to startup article websites. Pursuit would mean investing some money and shipping your product. 

If your goal is to express your love, preparation would involve imagining how the situation would pan out, taking confidence-building classes, reading up on best ways to propose, how to overcome fear of rejection. Doing a lot of things except….expressing. 

Preparation is necessary, but never enough. If you find yourself ‘working hard’ but not moving, chances are you have not even started your pursuit. You have only been preparing for it. 

It is time to take the leap. Take that risk.

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