Coaching is not about me giving you advice. It is helping you find your own answers to your problems, which you can own happily. This is done by having conversations, asking questions which help raise your own self-awareness and gain clarity

What areas of life can I help you with?

Professional life

  • Growing personally to fill a bigger role (Leadership)
  • Building a fulfilling (not just successful) career
  • Dealing with workplace challenges
  • Thinking through difficult career decisions

Personal relationships

  • Growing personally through your ‘pain’ points
  • Resolving marital/relationship issues
  • Thinking through difficult relationship decisions
  • Choosing the right partner(arranged/love marriage)
  • Ending conflicts with parents/children

Frequently asked questions on Coaching

Anytime you feel ‘stuck’ in life – but it personal or business. You have put in a lot of thought, worry, energy but are not getting anywhere. The ideal moment is of course when you have suffered enough to say “I am desperate to move somewhere – even if it’s difficult. I am tired of being helpless and stuck” That’s usually when we are ready for a transformation.

Coaching is helping the client find their own answers to their problems. A coach’s job is therefore not to give you advice which you then follow blindly, but help you find your own answers which you can own happily. This is done by having conversations, asking questions which help raise your own self-awareness and gain clarity. A coach’s aim is to provide you clarity, not advice. The client undergoes a deep shift in being, and is able to see so clearly that the problem seems smaller. And the answer and steps become obvious.

Yes, we all can find our own answers. We all have the innate wisdom to choose the path worth taking. But our vision is obscured by the fog of our insecurities. Our fears distort our vision. A coach helps you ask questions that raise your self-awareness, clear the fog and see clearly. The coach helps switch the lights on. This does not guarantee a path with no difficulties. It guarantees a path that you feel is worth suffering for. Anybody who promises you a path without difficulties is fooling you.

Imagine you enter a huge dark hall for the first time and have to make it to the other end. But you do not know the way ahead. You keep thinking of monsters on the left, ghosts on the right and demons in front. You are so afraid you are stuck. Counselling focuses on “Why you are imagining monsters, ghosts and demons. What happened in your childhood that caused you to do so?” Counselling focuses on the content of your thought. Coaching says “It’s all thought anyway. Let’s look for a light switch.” See reality as it is. You might still have some real hurdles, furniture, open electric wires that you have to navigate through. But the clarity helps.

Going back to the dark hall example. Imagine you enter a huge dark hall for the first time and have to make it to the other end. But you do not know the way ahead. You keep thinking of monsters on the left, ghosts on the right and demons in front. You are so afraid you are stuck. Consulting says “We have navigated such rooms earlier. We know the paths that work. Follow us.” It’s like an inexperienced blind man following an experienced blind man. Of course experience and knowledge helps. But who owns failure? The suggested path might seem tempting, but unless you can clearly ‘see’ what it entails, it’s hard to commit.

Yes, you can. And sometimes it’s enough. But often there are challenges:

  • Their own insecurities e.g. “Having a secure job is important”, “Get a degree in which job is assured” Their biased beliefs e.g. “All men are like that”, “Girls today will never…”, “Divorce is never the answer”
  • Their personal judgements e.g. “You disagree? You think you know more? That’s disrespect”, “I told you so”, “How could you ever do that!”, friends ending up taking sides Offering advice rather than insights e.g. “I will tell you what you need to do…”, “Trust me and do …” Following someone else’s path can never be meaningful.

A coach provides a non-judgmental, unbiased and objective environment. This takes skill. And then asks the questions that help you sift through your insecurities and fears, unearth your true priorities and see clearly. This takes more skills.

The ideal aim is to get you to say “Wow! Why didn’t I think of that earlier?” J That’s the hall mark of a good coach. To make you feel if you found the answer yourself!

For India residents
Rs. 3500 per session(60 minutes)

For out of India clients:

USD 90 or EUR 80 per session (90 minutes)

Package discounts:
10% discount on 4 sessions. 20% discount on 6 sessions (We schedule the sessions at our mutual convenience)

For corporates:

Please contact me at [email protected] for the pricing

*** Discount on request: ****
I do not want people to be bereft of coaching due to financial constraints. If you are a full time student who has not started earning, or are unable to afford the fee due to some reason, please say so clearly in your message/call, mention the reason and what kind of discount you are looking for (less fees, pay later or not at all) Will help me to evaluate and get back to you accordingly. I will say ‘yes, only if it works for mw. So do not shy away from asking. Note that I have many such requests – so please remind me if I do not get back to you in 3-4 days *** 

Yes, the pricing might seem too high...compared to the problem you are facing.

If your problem is small enough, then you probably do not need coaching.

But if your problem/dream is something that you really care about…Something that keeps awake at night, something that causes a lot of emotional upheaval, something that you have been trying to address for a long time without any success – then what would gaining back that happiness, clarity and making progress be worth to you? That is the question to ask.

That said, if you are OK with the pricing, but are not able to afford it due to some reason, then do request for help when you message me. I will see what I can do.

You don’t. Like anything else in life, you can never be certain whether something will work.

Maybe you can start small. Try out one session. What’s the worst that could happen? You will lose some money and 90 minutes of your time.

But if it helps, even partially – imagine the difference it would make in your life!

Ask yourself if this possibility of success is big enough to take a small risk.

If you need my client references, check out the home page. I can connect you to some of my past clients too, if that helps. Let me know when you message me.

Absolutely. 100% confidentiality is guaranteed. Our conversations stays only between you and me.

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