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Subbu Veerappan
Subbu VeerappanManagement Consultant, Netherlands

I had been seeking clarity in my personal, professional life since past few years. Nothing much changed until I met Vijayraj.

His approach is centred around getting to the point through the shortest route possible. He unties knots in our thought process that have been built over decades of trauma and stress in a matter of minutes (no exaggeration here). He doesn’t use any fancy techniques like meditation, deep breathing etc. Just simple conversations and a unique gift to see the truth. This works because his questions are informed by his in-depth knowledge in this topic built over years of studies.

Swathi Parameswaran
Swathi ParameswaranFinance Professional, India

I was very confused and stressed about my life and career when I met Vijayraj. The beautiful part is that he does not just solve problems, he dissolves them! The alternative narratives, perspectives that he provided for my problems made me realize that most of the issues I had were in my head and self made!

The best part I liked about him was that he just asks questions and helps the coachees come to realizations on their own. Made me realize that most of the answers to problems are simple and all it takes is a little help to come to that understanding. These insights gave me a lot of clarity, helped me devise a better plan of action, and reduced my stress a lot!

Ankur Sanghi
Ankur SanghiGlobal Technology Manager, Zonkd, USA

It is painful when your best intentions still result in conflicts in relationships. Talking with Vijayraj helped me learn how different perspectives and viewpoints matter in relationships and decision making. They also revealed underlying assumptions I was making and provided clarity on what outcomes are important to me. These insights made my problems seem much simpler and made decisions much easier!

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