Making your ideas into Reality

I loved fantasizing about touring the world. I could imagine floating on Dal lake in Kashmir in one moment, on the top of Eiffel tower the next, and sliding on Alaskan glaciers a few seconds after that.

Hundreds of places I could be at the same time!! Without the limitations of space and time!

That’s the best part of fantasizing. It allows us to experience the success without having to risk working for it.

Until it got to a point where the fantasy turned into my prison.

Hundreds of places I COULD be, but I had not been to even one!! I had spent so many years, but had nothing to ‘show for it’. I felt like a failure!! So I tried travelling but…

Which destination do I choose? Which would be the best? What if I go somewhere and don’t like it as much? What if my money is wasted? What if there is a better air fare at some other time?

What if I choose, and am stuck with something bad?

What if I choose something, and miss out on something better?


It was like changing the TV channel every 15 seconds in the hope of finding something better. And not enjoying anything in the process.

Maybe the cure to fear of missing out is not to try and have everything, but to commit to one thing. And DO it.

There is a different joy in actually trekking to the hills that are a few kilometers away, than imagining conquering the highest mountains in the world.

Your energy stops jumping around, settles down. You become focused. Involved. Like enjoying every bite of your favorite food with your full attention.

Imagining having a feast is great. Actually biting into a juicy Gulab Jamun is something else.

Coming up with a hundred different ideas is great. Executing one of them is something else.

Cos sometimes, committing IS freedom.

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