A comic book to explain ‘Us Vs Them’ to a 10 year old

Though you might be disturbed by the amount of hate and polarization in society nowadays, have you wondered how it gets created? Not who is to blame (politicians, technology, capitalists, irrational people, woke people…) but how does it get created. Because unless we know that, we will not be able to prevent ourselves from being trapped in it. Of course you might think that you are immune to it – but so does every human being on earth. 

Every human being is sure that he is right, and everyone else is idiot. The exceptions being the ones who agree with him. 

Sounds weird? Let us see how this weird thing is created by observing the people of Earthilla 🙂 (Reading this on your laptop or a big screen might be better)

Do you see it? How we get distracted from issues to identity? From reality to fiction? From caring to hating? A good question to bring ourselves back to reality might be to ask “What is the human issue here?” 

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