Our search for THE answer

Have you ever wondered what the secret behind great leadership is? Have you ever seen arguments? 

That it is about ‘authenticity’…or ‘integrity’..or ‘compassion’….or ‘vulnerability’ perhaps!

There are dozens of answers and hundreds of arguments when it comes to cracking the code of life.

All based on one assumption: That there is one single answer. And only if you could find it, life would be solved!

And maybe that search itself is what stands in between!

Like I spend so many hours watching a 100s of youtube videos to just find that “The best technique to build 6 pack abs”. And all that I have is one giant pack, and zero exercise!

What if there is no single answer? What if the search for the perfect answer is our excuse to not try out any answer? 

What if life was supposed to be messy? What if it was supposed to be figured out as we go? 

Would we take a step ahead? Or wait forever until we knew for sure?


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