Authenticity lessons from babies

Have you wondered why we love babies and toddlers when they are smiling…or angry…or sad?

They have this full presence no matter how they are feeling. 

When adults feel angry, they are also thinking “But is it the right thing to do? Does that make me a bad person?” The anger is incomplete.

If they feel sad, they are also thinking “Why am I like this? Am I weak? Is this what strong people are like?” The sadness is hesitant.

One foot forward. Another backward. One part of us pushing us forward, another pulling us back.

Always divided. Always fragmented. 

Not babies! Not toddlers!

Whether they laugh, yell, or cry it is pure. Always 100%. Zero adulteration. 

They are not trying to be somebody else. They are not even trying to be themselves. 

They are just accepting and feeling whatever they are feeling. Completely. 

They might cry desperately for 30 seconds, and then smile suddenly. 

But at each and every moment – they are being it fully. No thinking. No second guessing. Without contamination. 

And that full, deep presence is attractive as hell. Infectious. They laugh, we laugh. They cry, we cry. We cannot stay untouched. 

Of course, they are also at the mercy of it. Which we adults need not be. 

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