If everyone is right in their own way, how do we ever agree with each other?

 An agreement is just that – an agreement. Not a proof of truth or rightness.

Violence and conflict don’t happen because we all have our own perceptions of truth.

I call it 9, but you call it a 6? Ok, let’s agree to both look at it from the right hand side and then proceed”

It happens because we assume those perceptions to be facts.

Now there is no room for consensus. You no longer have a different version of reality. You have a WRONG version.

Agreeing with you would make me wrong. Bad.

And that contradicts the fact that I am “good”. Not the perception, version, story, opinion, narrative, belief that “I am good” but the fact that “I am good”.

In fact that’s not the problem, that’s the beginning of it. If “I am good”, then something and someone has to be bad. Not as perception, version, story, opinion, narrative, belief. But actually.

So conflicts don’t happen because we have different perceptions of reality. They happen because we buy into then and assume they ARE reality.

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