Are decisions taken out of fear always wrong?

Before I answer this question, I have a question for you. Can you tell me whether I should take a left turn or a right turn? Which is better?

Are you finding it difficult to respond?

You don’t have to worry. I won’t blame you for the consequences. So there is no need to fear anything.

Can you tell me whether left or right is better?

My guess is, you are thinking: “It is not about fear or love!! A decision depends on where you want to go!”

That’s it.

Decisions are just decisions. Left is not better or worse than the right. It depends on where you want to go.

Our fear is not about the decision, but about the outcome.

We are afraid that we will not get the expected outcome.

The problem is we cannot know this until the outcome happens.

Imagine rolling a ball down a bowling track.

You want it to hit all 9 pins. But you have no clue how many pins it will hit. Maybe many, maybe few, maybe none.

But you start worrying from the first instant. You are already living as if no pins would be hit.

Best case, your fear proves false – and you have a momentary relief, before worrying again about the next throw.

Worse case, your fear comes true – and you suffer more.

Ridiculous case – your fear proves false – but you get busy justifying why you were right in worrying! You justify your suffering!

Fear has nothing to do with what decisions you take. It has to do with how you will experience any decision you take. 

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